18 January:
Prospects and prophecies for 2018


22 February:
Success as a Foreign Company Reconsidered


15 March:
Korea’s integration with the rest of Asia – a regional review


26 April:
Regulations that will stop the 4th Industrial Revolution in Korea


17 May:
Managing the Korean female labour force – Domestic and Foreign Company Practice


21 June:
Do Local Elections Matter? Does a new Constitution Matter?
Results and expected consequences


19 July:
Surviving a year of Moon Jae-in: review of the Chaebol’s position


16 August:
The Future of Korea 2019-20 (The Budget Meeting)


 20 September:
The Ageing Population and Health and Social Support and Healthtech opportunities


 18 October:
Labour Law vs the Fourth Industrial Revolution


15 November:
Korean Law and Business Reality


20 December:
What did we miss in 2018?