17 January:
Will 2019 be as bad as we Fear?


21 February:
Should we still be here?  The position of foreign businesses in Korea in 2019


21 March:
Slowing growth in China and the US what is the real impact on Korea?


18 April:
A year of summits – What has changed?  What will change?


16 May:
Changing Korea, changing employees – better or worse – what tactics work?


18 June:
The Chaebol in a changing country and a changing world


18 July:
The drive for equality/ inclusive growth, could Moon Jae-in make it work?


16 August:
The Budget Meeting: Korea in 2020-21


 19 September:
Has the Korean government reached the end of the fiscal surplus?


 17 October:
Start-ups, new technology and old companies & M&A: the hunt for future partners


21 November:
Korea’s integration with the rest of Asia – regional review


19 December:
Success as a foreign company in Korea – new lessons for 2018-2019