This policy defines how Korea Associates Business Consultancy Ltd (hereby “the company”) collects and uses any personally-identifiable information in terms of using digital contents (hereby “contents”) and services that the company provides online.


Section 1 (Personally identifiable information we collect and how we use)

Items of personal information

Firstly, The company collects the following personal information necessary through sign-up in order to provide high-quality service.

  • ID, password, security questions, name, date of birth, E-mail addresses
  • Name, authentication of actual name
  • Registration number, license, name, location, address of website for business
  • Name and phone number of the person who is in charge of payment, E-mail address and fax number when dealing with tax invoices.

Secondly, Following information below may be automatically collected while using services or business process.

  • IP address, cookies, date of visit, record of using service, history of error caused, O/S, web-browser, monitor resolution etc.

How we collect personal information

The company uses the following methods to collect personal information.

  • Sign up for membership on the website, registration of profile, delivery of documents created in the given form of “the company”.


Section 2. (Collection of Personal Data and Purpose of Use)

  1. Member management
    To provide membership service and personal identification, protect from abuse of unauthorized use of any information, confirm of joining membership, limit the number of making membership account, confirm the identification of legal representative, conserve the record for conciliation of dispute, handle the feedbacks and complaints from customers, deliver matters of notification, confirm deregistration from the website
  2. Development of new service and applying to marketing/advertisement
    To provide customized service and develop new service, run advertisement and provide services, according to statistical characteristic, check the effectiveness of the service, provide opportunities to participate in the event and related advertising information, figure out the numbers of the access, collect statistics of members who use of the service
  3. Availability of using associated services in overseas
    To provide services along with exchange of company or member’s name in order to check availability of associated service that is part of services provided by the company for business (or charged) members.


Section 3. (Sharing and supply of personal information)

The company does not provide members’ any personal information collected from sign-up or registration of profile to third parties. However, the company may use the information stated in Article 2 in order to check the availability of associated service in overseas when requested by members only. (Exception: personal information may be provided to investigative authority in accordance with law if requested for the purpose of investigation.


Section 4. (Consignment, Sharing and treat of personal information)

The company doesn’t supply or share any personal information collected to third parties. However, the company provides services using the following firm’s property in order to supply membership service including e-mail or website to users.

  • Name of Company:    Synctri MSP
  • Email:              


Section 5. (Period of use & possession of personal information)

In principle, any personal information of users are destroyed immediately when the purpose of use and collection are attained. However, the following information is preserved during the specified period due to the following reasons below.

  • Possession of information in accordance with company’s policy
    • Records of abuse
      • Reason for conservation: protect against abuse of service
      • Period of conservation: 1 year

Possession of information in accordance with related law

If personal information is necessary to be conserved according to law of consumer protection in the commercial and e-commerce law, the company stores personal information of members for a certain period of time under the related regulations. In this case, the company uses the personal information for the purpose of conservation. The preservation period is following below,

  • The record of contract or right of defence
    • Reason for conservation: the law on customer protection in ecommerce
    • Period of conservation: 5 years
  • The record of customer’s complaints or settlement of disputes.
    • Reason for conservation: the law on customer protection in ecommerce
    • Period of conservation: 3 years
  • History of website visit
    • Reason for conservation: protection of communication secret
    • Period of conservation: 3 months


Section 6. (Procedure and method of destroying personal information)

In principle, any personal information of users are destroyed immediately when the purpose of use and collection are attained. The following below is the procedures and methods in terms of destroying personal information

  • Process of destruction
    • Any personal information the user provided when applying for membership are transferred to a separate DB(file cabinet if paper) after the purpose is attained and saved for a certain period of time (see ‘possession and period of use’) in accordance with the reasons of information protection by related law and company’s policy.
    • Personal information is not used for any other purpose unless it is required by the law.
  • How to destroy
    • Any personal information printed on paper is destroyed by paper shredder or incineration.
    • Any personal information saved in electronic file will be deleted using technical methods.


Section 7. (The right of legal representative or users and exercising of them)

  • Users aged below 14 must properly study the personal information requested by the Company, and gain the permission of their parent or legal guardian before applying for membership.
  • The Company must annul memberships of minors if it hasn’t been authorized by their legal guardians.
  • The legal guardian of users aged 14 years or below may view and modify the personal information of the user or cancel their membership. The Company must action this without delay.


Section 8. (Information on installing or operating or refusal of automatic system of collecting personal information.

  • What is ‘Cookies’?
    • The company uses cookies that store users’ information in order to provide customized and private service.
    • Cookies are stored as very small size of a text file in a hard disc of user’s computer and sent to user’s browser from a server used for operating website. If users visit the website, the server of the website reads cookies that are stored in hard disc of users and maintains configuration as well as providing customized service.
    • Cookies do not automatically or actively collect personal identifiable information and users can always delete them or disagree with collecting.
  • The company’s purpose of using cookies
    Cookies are used for understanding of numbers of users, secure connection, patterns of using services in order to provide optimized and customized service to users.
  • Disagreement for installment/operation of cookies
    • Users have the option to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is issued or reject all cookies. Users can alter the settings of your browser and accept cookies automatically or identify them before cookies are stored.
    • However, if users reject cookies to be stores, some of the services of the company that requires log-in may difficult to experience.
    • Following below are steps to allowance of installing cookies
      • For Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
        1. Choose [Tools] then click [Internet Option]
        2. Choose [Privacy]
        3. Click on [Privacy Level]
      • For Apple Safari browser
        • Choose [Preferences]
        • Choose [Privacy]
      • For Google Chrome browser
        • Choose [Settings]
        • Expand menu by click [Show advanced settings…]
        • Choose [Privacy]


Section 9. Technical Measures for the Protection of Personal Information

The company takes the following measures to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, external attacks on and hacking of information, aims to keep the highest level of security in accordance with the processing of the personal information of users.

  • Encrypted password
    Users’ IDs and passwords are encrypted. Thus, the company does not know the password of users, we only provide the service of changing password in accordance with a certain request.
  • Response to hacking
    The company makes the greatest effort to prevent leakage of damage of personal information from PC viruses and regularly updates the anti-virus programs to protect users’ personal information. KABC Ltd also uses SSL in order to transmit personal data in networks. Also, the company is uses a security solution that blocks external attacks and tries to maintain the highest level of security.
  • Training of managers
    The numbers of managers processing personal information of the users is limited to the minimum level and the managers are subject to continuous security training.
  • Exclusive organisation for information privacy
    Exclusive organisation for information privacy will monitor the compliance with personal information policy and take an immediate measure in order to modify any problem caused. However, the company holds no liability for leakage of personal information including ID, passwords and personal identification number caused by individual users carelessness.


Section 10. Administrators in Charge of Management of Personal Information

You may report to an administrator in charge of the management of the personal information of users in relation to any issues arising when using service.
The company will provide sufficient level of response to the matter of report from users.

The Company is not responsible for network threats such as hacking, conflicts over User posts or unforeseen incidents that may result in the destruction of data. This is on condition that the Company has implemented industry standards in network security.

Administrator who is in charge of management of personal information

Administrator Name : Jinhwan Jeon
Position : Manager
Phone Number : +82-2-323-4202
E-mail :

Manager Name : Darwin Shim
Position : Researcher
Phone Number : +82-2-323-9046
E-mail :

For reports or consulting on infringement of privacy policy, please contact the following organisations:

KISA Privacy Center ( / +82 118)
Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Korea ( / +82 2 3480 2000)
Cyber Terror Response Center ( / +82 1566 0112)


Section 11. (Miscellaneous)

Privacy policy does not apply to personal information collected by third parties liked on the company’s website.


Section 12. (Duty of Notification)

Any modifications to this personal information policy will be announced 7 days before through the news section of the website. However, if in case of changing rights of users including third parties policy, will be announced at least 30 days before.



Supplementary Provision


Article 1. Fulfillment of policy

This privacy policy will be enforced in 1st January 2016.


Article 2. Modification history of policy

Following below is the history of privacy policy.

  • Created this policy in 18 December 2015.