1. General

Section 1 (Purpose)

This policy relates to the digital content (hereby “content”) and associated services provided online by Korea Associates Business Consultancy (hereby “Company”). The policy will clarify the rights of the User, and the Company, as well as scope and responsibility.


Section 2 (Definition)

The definition of terms used in this policy are as follows:

  1. “Company” is defined as an entity that partakes in economic activity in the “content” industry.
  2. “User” is defined as a person who accesses the Company’s site and uses the provided content and associated service, be they a member or non-member.
  3. “Member” is defined as a User who agrees to the terms of use and is assigned an ID. A member will continually have access to the services and content provided by the Company
  4. “Non-Member” is a user that is not a Member but accesses the Company’s services and content.
  5. “Content” is defined by the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information Section 2, Article 1. This covers signs, text, audio, image and video.
  6. “ID” is defined as string of text and numbers chosen by the Member and authorized by the Company.
  7. “Password” is an authentication method for verifying the identity of Members and is chosen by the Member.


Section 3 (Identifiable Information)

The Company will include in the Terms of Use the name of the Company, representative, address, phone number and email so that users may contact the Company should the need arise. This information will displayed on our home page as well.


Section 4 (Post Provisions)

  1. The Company will allow users to print the whole Terms of Use policy, and check its’ content throughout the transaction process.
  2. The Company will make provisions to field and answer questions regarding the Terms of Use by users.
  3. The Company will provide a pop-up or linking address that is easy to access. It will contain information on cancelling contracts, reimbursement of charges and other important information in a way easy to understand for the user.


Section 5 (Changes in the Policy)

  1. The Company may modify the Terms of Use within the scope set down by online digital contents industry development law, online marketplace and consumer protection laws.
  2. The Company must display the changes and the reason behind those changes prominently on the homepage, alongside the current Terms of Use. The changes must be notified 7 days prior to the modification and must remain for a significant period of time. Members should be notified by email.
  3. The Company must confirm the User’s agreement with the changed policy. If the User does not agree with the changed policy, they may cancel their usage agreement.


Section 6 (Interpreting the Policy)

The Korean language version of this policy takes precedence over the English translation. Conditions falling outside the stated policy and interpretations will apply to the relevant Korean laws regarding online marketplace, consumer protection and the online digital contents industry development law, as well as rulings the Ministry of Culture and Tourism may pass.



2. Membership


Section 7 (Membership)

  1. To be a Member, the User must apply for membership and the Company must approve it
  2. In the membership form the first three fields are mandatory and the rest are not mandatory.
    1. Members’ name, otherwise a method of authenticating their identity
    2. ID and Password
    3. Email address
    4. The type of content you wish to use
    5. Other fields the Company may wish to include
  3. The Company will accept the membership of Users as a general guideline. However, it is at the Company’s discretion to refuse membership in the following scenarios
    1. The User has lost their membership status before due to breach of the Terms of Use
    2. The User has not used their real name, or used the name of another person
    3. The User displayed false information, or not included the information the Company requested
    4. The Company may not authorize the membership by fault of the User or the User is breaking miscellaneous rules.
  4. The Company may delay the admission of the membership process due to a lack of infrastructure or a technical/operational problem.
  5. If the Company does not authorize membership because of reasons stated in article 3 and 4, the Company must notify by the User, unless there is no way to contact them.
  6. Membership status is attained as soon as the Company authorizes the application form.


Section 8 (Membership of Minors)

  1. Users aged below 14 must properly study the personal information requested by the Company, and gain the permission of their parent or legal guardian before applying for membership.
  2. The Company must annul memberships of minors if it hasn’t been authorized by their legal guardians.
  3. The legal guardian of users aged 14 years or below may view and modify the personal information of the user or cancel their membership. The Company must action this without delay.


Section 9 (Changing Personal Information)

  1. The member may change or view the personal information in the relevant section of the website
  2. The User must inform the company of any changes in personal information, directly through the relevant section of the website, or by notifying the Company by email.
  3. If the above article 2 is not adhered to, and the user incurred losses resulting from a change of personal information, the Company is not held liable.


Section 10 (Members Supervisory Responsibility of ID and Password)

  1. The supervisory responsibility of ID and Password belong to the Member. This task may not be delegated to a third party.
  2. If the Member believes their ID and Password is known to a third party, they must inform the Company and follow communicated instructions.
  3. If the Member does not inform the Company of their knowledge that a third party has access to ID and Password, the company will not be responsible for any resulting losses.


Section 11 (Notice for Members)

  1. The Company may notify Members by the route (email) designated by Members
  2. If the Company must notify all Members, the notice must be posted on the site 7 days prior. However, if the notice is of paramount importance in dealing with the member, email notices are fine.


Section 12 (Membership Cancellation and Loss of Membership)

  1. Members may request membership cancellation at any time and the Company must accept the request immediately
  2. The Company may limit or cancel a Members membership status for the following reasons:
    1. False information in application form
    2. Delayed payment for services rendered by Company
    3. Disrupt service usage for other users
    4. Break the law using services provided by the Company
  3. Members may have their membership revoked if they fail to rectify the situation within 30 days, or repeat their offense after the Company has limited/cancelled their membership.
  4. The revocation of membership by the Company means registration will be erased. In this instance, the Member will be informed and given a minimum 30 day period to supply an explanation.



3. Content Usage


Section 13 (Display and Substance of Content)

  1. The Company will make the following easily visible for Users for each Content:
    1. Name of the Content
    2. Date of Content
    3. Name, address and phone number of Content creator
    4. Substance, usage instruction, costs related to Content
  2. The Company will inform Users what devices the Content will be available on, and the minimum specifications to run said Content.


Section 14 (Establishing Usage Contract)

  1. The User has to take the following, or similar steps to establish a usage application to the Company. The Company must ensure before finalizing the contract that the steps below have been followed and that the User has been properly informed.
    1. Selection or viewing the Content directory
    2. Input their name, address, phone number and email address
    3. Confirmed the provisions, and any exemptions to subscription withdrawal rights on Content that the Company has implemented
    4. Agreed to the provisions after confirming the above (e.g. mouse click)
    5. Confirmed requests to use Content or agreed to the Company’s confirmation
    6. Selected method of payment
  2. The Company may decline usage requests in the following situations:
    1. Not using your real name
    2. Displaying false information or omitting fields requested by the Company
    3. Restricting access to minors because of content age restrictions
    4. No spare infrastructure to cater to new users or facing technical difficulties
  3. The contract is finalized when the Company’s approval reaches the User as described in Section 16, Article 1.
  4. The Company’s approval will confirm the User’s registration and access to services, details on why it was declined/deferred


Section 15 (Usage Contract for Minors)

If a Minor aged below 20 years old wishes to access a paid service they must have the approval of their parents or legal guardians at the point of registration or shortly after. If confirmation by a legal guardian is not obtained, the Minor or legal guardian can cancel the contract.


Section 16 (Confirmation of Receipt, Change/Cancelling Usage Requests)

  1. The Company must send a confirmation of receipt to Users usage requests
  2. If the confirmation of receipt does not meet the expectations of the User, they may immediately cancel or modify the usage request. The Company must respond to this type of request immediately, however if payments have already been made refer to Section 27.


Section 17 (Obligations of the Company)

  1. The company must respect and follow the rules outlined in this policy
  2. The Company must have a security system to protect Users personal information (including financials) and display a privacy policy and follow it
  3. The Company must allow Users to check their content usage/payment records regularly.
  4. If a User’s complaint or suggestion is felt justified by the Company it should be implemented without delay. A message board or email will be used to inform Users of the process or results.


Section 18 (Obligations of the User)

  1. The User must not do the following things:
    1. Display false information when submitting/modifying requests
    2. Use other persons information
    3. Change information displayed by the Company
    4. Display or transmission of information banned by the Company (e.g. computer program, virus)
    5. Infringe Company or third parties’ copyright
    6. Sully the reputation or disrupt the Company’s business
    7. Aggressive language, written or vocal displayed on the Company’s site
    8. Other illegal or unfair acts
  2. The User must follow associated laws and policies set forward by the Company. The User must not disrupt the business of other Companies.


Section 19 (Method of Payment)

Payment for using Content can be carried out in any of the ways listed below. However, the Company must not charge Users a ‘convenience fee’ or surcharge for their chosen method of payment.

  1. Phone banking, internet banking, mail banking or other form of account transfer
  2. Pre-paid card, debit card, credit card method that is not online
  3. Online bank transfer


Section 20 (Providing and Cancelling Content Service)

  1. As a rule, content will be provided 24 hours a day, no holidays
  2. Content may be inaccessible during periods of server maintenance or sudden breakage, in which case the User will be informed beforehand by methods outlined in Section 11. In the special case that a User cannot be informed before the incident, they may be notified later.
  3. The Company may conduct routine maintenance, and the schedule will have to follow the announcement made in the service page.
  4. If the Company can no longer provide the content/service due to closure, change of business or merger, the Company must inform the User by methods outlined in Section 11 and compensate the Users.


Section 21 (Changing the Content Service)

  1. The Company may modify their content service in the case that there is large operation/technical reason.
  2. If the Company modifies the content, usage method/time of content services, they must put up a notice 7 days prior on the root content page.
  3. If the changes are to the detriment of the User, the Company must inform and receive consent from Users by methods outlined in Section 11. If a User declines, they must be offered services prior to the change. If this is impossible, the contract may be terminated


Section 22 (Providing Information and Advertising)

  1. The Company may provide Users with a diverse range of information deemed important to the User by methods such as email. However, Members may opt out of receiving emails at any time.
  2. To transmit information described above by phone or signal transmission, the Company must receive the Members prior approval
  3. The Company may display advertisements alongside their content service, homepage or email. If the Member receives advertisements, they may unsubscribe.


Section 23 (Deleting Posts)

  1. The Company will delete all posts on message boards that are adult content. There is an exemption if the message board is exclusive to 19+ Users.
  2. If a person’s legal interests are threatened by posts on message boards they may request its deletion or post a rebuttal. The company will carry out the necessary actions without delay and inform the submitter.


Section 24 (Copyright)

  1. The intellectual property and copyright of content created by the Company is owned by the Company
  2. The rights of partnership content will belong to the partner
  3. The User who has access to Content provided by the Company will not copy, transmit, publish or broadcast the Content for profit without prior approval.
  4. If the Company utilizes Users content, the Company does so with consent according to policy guidelines.
  5. The Content created by the Company is not for academic use. Therefore you must gain permission from the Company to use it for academic use.


Section 25 (Protecting Personal Information)

  1. Aside from the details outlined in Section 7, Article 2 the Company may collect the minimum amount of information necessary for Users to use content. For this to happen the User must truthfully fill in details asked by the Company.
  2. If the Company collects personally identifiable information of the User, they must gain permission.
  3. The Company may not provide the information submitted by the User to a third party or use it outside the scope of use. The following are exceptions to this rule:
    1. Creating a statistical database, academic research or market study. Personally identifiable information must be omitted.
    2. Payments for services require a third party be involved
    3. Third party authenticator used to confirm identity
    4. Policy regulations or law requires it
  4. If the Company needs to gain permission from Users for Article 2 & 3 of this Section, the Company must do so according to the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information Section 22 Article 2, as well as the details of the Privacy Manager (company, name, phone, other contact method).
  5. The User may freely rescind their agreement to Article 3 of this Section.
  6. Users may check their personal information held by the Company and modify errors. Changes should be carried out post haste by the Company. If the User requests a change in their information, the Company may not use their personal information until the changes have been implemented.
  7. The Company must have the minimum amount of privacy managers and take responsibility for losses the User may face were the information stolen from the Company.
  8. The Company and approved third parties must use personal information within the scope of use, and then destroy it without delay.
  9. The Company will strive to protect personal information. Details on usage and protection of personal information is detailed in the Privacy Policy.



4. Content Usage Contract Cancellation, and Usage Limitations


Section 26 (Users Content Usage Contract Cancellation, and Usage Limitations)

  1. Users may cancel their contract within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation mail sent by the Company. However, if the Company has taken any of the following measures, cancellation rights may be restricted.
    1. Displayed the fact that due to the nature of the Content, contract cancellation is impossible
    2. Provided a consumable product
    3. Provided a temporary/limited access contract
  2. The User may cancel the contract within 3 months of receipt of the confirmation mail sent by the Company, or within 30 days of finding out about the following conditions:
    1. The Content promised in the usage contract is no longer available
    2. A noticeable difference between the actual Content and advertised Content
    3. Flaws in the product make it impossible for normal use
  3. Contract cancellation for scenarios outlined in Article 1 & 2 of this section come into force the moment the User expresses his/her wishes to the Company by phone or email.
  4. The Company will inform the user of the contract cancellation falling under the purview of Article 3 in this section immediately and without delay.
  5. Users may set a deadline of significant length to allow the company to rectify mistakes outlined in Article 2 of this Section, before cancelling the contract.


Section 27 (Company Content Usage Contract Cancellation, and Usage Limitations)

  1. If the User commits an act outline in Section 12 Article 2, the Company may cancel the contract without prior notice or limit the service for a set period
  2. Article 1 of this Section goes into force as soon as the User is notified according to Company policy.
  3. Users may appeal the Company’s decision to terminate the contract or limit access. If the reason/explanation is reasonable to the Company, the Company will immediately reinstate services.


Section 28 (Effect of Company’s Contract Cancellation)

The effect of contract terminations resulting from User’s actions will adhere to Section 26.



5. Conflict Resolution


Section 29 (Conflict Resolution)

If there is conflict between the User and Company, the Company will implement/fix reasonable requests/complaints. However, if a speedy resolution is difficult, the Company will inform the User of this fact, explaining the reason, and how long it might take to resolve.


Section 30 (Jurisdiction)

If there is a conflict over the Content provided by the Company online and it devolves into a lawsuit, it will be conducted in that region by a competent court.